Protecting Your Health: The True Role of Your Cleaning Company

When hiring a cleaning company, you want to be sure they are experts at not only making your home appear clean, but that their technicians are experts at cleaning in a health conscious manner. At Stay Clean Long Island, our guiding principle is to protect your health.

We are spending more time than ever before indoors and it is of the utmost important your indoor living or working environment is cleaned with your health in mind.


Cleaning professionals play a key role in maintaining the health of those who inhabit a home or business they are cleaning. Effective removal or reduction of contaminants reduces human exposure to disease and the risk of infection.

Our main goal at Stay Clean Long Island is to break the chain of infection by disrupting key elements in the methods of how diseases spread. We know that your home or business can serve as the primary line of defense against infectious diseases if cleaning services are performed in a thorough health conscious, hygienic manner.

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The relationship between clean environments and human health cannot be understated. Science has proven that clean environments have the ability to make people feel better (or worse), thereby improving their quality of life. To this end, the days of using cotton rags, paper towels, and store bought cleaning products are over. Our commitment to continued education keeps us ahead of the cleaning technology curve in order to provide you with the most advanced and thorough cleaning possible.

We minimize or eliminate the presence of indoor contaminants in 3 ways:

1. Hygienic Cleaning Practices
Hygienic Cleaning can be defined as cleaning for health first and appearance second. The #1 priority of all cleaning is to remove or reduce the level of harmful contaminants. This can also be defined as “sanitization” or if the cleaning is taken one step further, “disinfection”. It is imperative your cleaning company knows the difference between these terms and what type of cleaning you are trying to achieve. Among other things, unnecessary disinfection needlessly increases the number of harmful VOC’s present in the air.

2. Use of High Quality Cleaning Agents
Stay Clean Long Island uses only the highest quality cleaning products. Mostly these are not products you will find on the shelf at Walmart and Target. We believe if you are paying for professional cleaning then your cleaning company should be using professional grade cleaning agents. For tasks such as glass cleaning, we use only green seal certified products. Our goal is to clean without introducing new chemicals to the environments we are cleaning.


3. Superior Cleaning Equipment
If your cleaning company is not using high-efficiency filtration vacuums or high quality microfiber cloths, they are not effectively cleaning your home or business. Non-CRI ( approved vacuums lower air quality levels and cotton cloths have been shown to spread dirt and bacteria around causing cross contamination on all “cleaned” surfaces. Adhering to the strict use of only the best microfiber cloths is the single most effective way of removing soil and bacteria. The high-efficiency HEPA filtration vacuums we use not only remove more dirt and soil from floors, carpets, and couches, they simultaneously improve the quality of the indoor air by filtering 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pet dander out of the air.


If your cleaning company is not following these basic principles of cleaning, you are likely not receiving the quality, health conscious cleaning you deserve. Hiring a cleaning company can be an arduous task and there are many factors to consider. In addition to making your home or business look good, remember that it is your cleaning company’s responsibility to follow health first cleaning practices. Technology within the cleaning industry has made enormous strides over the last decade and before deciding who to hire, make sure your cleaning company is abreast of these changes.

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