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Stay Clean Long Island’s Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

The impact of COVID-19 is in full affect here on Long Island. New York City and Long Island are unfortunately among the highest areas of infection in the country with the number of cases rising each. This post is not meant to be a resource for current information on the spread of the virus, but will lay out in detail our full fledged response to this outbreak and will be updated as things continue to unfold.

As more details emerge many of our clients are wondering what we are doing to keep you and your home, business or place of worship safe. And rightfully so. When an infectious disease or virus spreads rapidly, it demands our attention due to the potential impact it could have on our personal health, and the health of our family and co-workers bringing to the forefront the important role cleanliness plays in our everyday lives.

Most Important & Current Information to Know

  •  We are diligently monitoring the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) newsroom for updates that might affect the way we serve you.

  •  No one on our team has the virus, and we trust that your family or co-workers are free from it as well. In the event that should change, you would be notified immediately and we would expect you, our client, to do the same.

  •  We will be continuing to provide you the same excellent service that you are used to from us, with a few slight adjustments to our cleaning procedures and protocols.

How are we prepared to help?

Since day one, we’ve embraced science based cleaning protocols, vigorous employee training and a commitment to continued education. Because of this we are uniquely positioned to provide you the highest quality indoor cleaning service that protects your health first, and improves appearance second.

(For more details on how our cleaning practices and equipment protects your health, read our in depth blog post on this topic from 2018 @ titled “Protecting your health, the true role of your cleaning company.”)

What qualifications allow us to be prepared?

A dynamic 10 years of cleaning AND restoration services experience, countless hours of education in classrooms across the country (earning us 6 IICRC certifications []), and active membership in 2 industry trade associations ( &

All of this training and education has resulted in our adaptation and development of a systematic method of cleaning that strictly adheres to hygienic, health conscious cleaning protocols.

What is hygienic, health first cleaning?

This type of cleaning utilizes a systematic method of cleaning that includes specific protocols such as:

Exclusive use of high quality microfiber cleaning cloths

Microfiber cloths have a net-like structure that enables in to grab and hold onto up to 97% of dirt, bacteria and other soils

(An excellent, detailed list of benefits be found at: )

Color coded microfiber cloth and cleaning sponges to prevent cross contamination

BLUE for general cleaning and RED for bathrooms in order to prevent the spread of germs from one area of your home or business to another.

High touch point cleaning

Whether you’re a residential or commercial client, you can rest assured that with EVERY cleaning service we have always and will continue to thoroughly clean the ‘high touch points.’ This includes but is not limited to door handles, lights switches, tables/countertops, fixtures, phone and keyboards.

Proper PPE (personal protection equipment)

Our standard has always been to wear gloves when cleaning high risk areas such as bathrooms.

Will you be doing anything different to address the current threat?

Yes! In order to be proactive we have further strengthened our cleaning protocols:

  • Cross contamination risk avoidance:

Residential: each home will have its own unique, labeled set of cleaning sponges to be disposed of after it is no longer effective

*NOTE: For the time being, we are happy to use your own cleaning supplies and equipment if you prefer.

Commercial: cleaning sponges will be disposed of after every cleaning service

  • Improved vacuum maintenance:

Vacuum filters will be disinfected after EVERY cleaning job & before it is taken into a different home or business

* NOTE: most commercial clients already have their own vacuums and residential clients have the additional option of requiring we use their own personal vacuums

  • Strict PPE (personal protection equipment) protocols:

Employees will now be required to apply hand sanitizer prior to beginning cleaning service and wear nitrile gloves and shoe covers at all times for the duration of the cleaning service (in addition to our standard protocol of disposing after cleaning high risk areas such as bathrooms)

*NOTE: Customers can request wearing of N95 face masks during cleaning as well.

  • Exclusive use of disinfectant on all non porous surfaces:

For the foreseeable future, we will be using a peroxide OR botanical based disinfectant (your preference) in place of our usual all purpose cleaning solution.

Are there any steps I can take on my own?

By now you’ve likely heard many times over the usual steps of thorough hand washing (20 seconds!) and keeping your distance whenever possible but here are some additional tips from the professionals:

  • Strongly consider upgrading your cleaning products to include the use of high quality microfiber cloths (300 gsm or better!)
  • Make sure the hand sanitizer you purchase contains 70% ethyl alcohol (or just make your own! Feel free to ask us how.)

  • Use this as an opportunity to strengthen our amazing immune system by focusing on just one area of personal health (sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc.) to improve.

Final thoughts:

  • We are taking precautions at EVERY cleaning appointment in order to prevent you from getting sick and to prevent our employees getting sick.

  • Stay Happy, Stay Healthy’ – it’s not just our motto, but the 2 guiding principles on which this company was built! A solid foundation of education, experience and professionalism keeps us ‘ahead of the curve’ and fully able to serve your needs in times like this.

  • Now is a GREAT TIME to have a professionally trained cleaning company like ours methodically sanitize and apply disinfectant in your home, business and/or place of worship, meticulously cleaning it from TOP TO BOTTOM!
  • If you or anyone you know are in need of cleaning supplies please let us know! We are providing our clients ready-to-use disinfectant products at no charge (limit one bottle per household/business) AND have access to brand new, unopened bottles of disinfectant (gallon sized) and cleaning supplies such as microfiber cloths and mop pads.


If it has been awhile since your last appointment, please allow us the opportunity to give you the peace of mind that comes with having a professional cleaning peformed that sanitizes / disinfects your indoor living or working space. We have the manpower, equipment and experience to provide the full spectrum of interior cleaning services.

  • House Cleaning – One time, Recurring, Post Construction/Renovation, Move In/Move Out
  • Commercial Cleaning – Office, House of Worship
  • Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
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