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Message From the Owner – COVID-19 & ‘Disinfection’ Cleaning

Over the coming weeks, you’re going to see a growing number of businesses “pivoting” in response to the seismic shifts taking place in our economy. Many in the cleaning industry will inevitably pivot to offer disinfection related cleaning services. My advice is to be wary of a company in any industry making claims or guarantees they simply cannot prove.

One of my more grandiose goals when starting this company was that our dedication to training and continued education would eventually raise the collective standards of the overall cleaning industry as a whole. This is the vision I’ve had since starting and it seems its rapidly coming to light. I had always hoped it would happen, I just NEVER thought it would happen OVERNIGHT!

Cleaning companies and society as a whole are now realizing the importance of hygienic, health first cleaning practices, and that is a truly great thing for the overall well being of humanity. But some of those out there are not being honest in there claims of “disinfection.”

If you do hire a company to perform this service, there MUST be clear and concise benchmarks that must be met, similar to that of a ‘Mold Remediation Plan.’ It is also likely there will be the need for hygienist to independently confirm these results.

I’m reminded of my time as a crew chief for a busy restoration company following Hurricane Sandy. At that time there was a massive influx of contractors, most of which likely had the best of intentions, attempting to “pivot” to restoration & mold remediation services. Many over promised and under delivered on services they simply lacked the skills and knowledge to perform effectively.

As a result, countless homeowners were devastated and a license for mold remediation New York State soon became a requirement.

I share this memory not to scare you but to encourage you to do your research before hiring a contractor in ANY industry over the next few weeks and months. There’s a chance they may not have been doing it all that long. And those, like us, that have made a education a priority will be doing their best to make it known. You just have to sift through the noise.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

– Craig M.

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