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“My home construction project is complete and now everything is covered in hard to remove dust.”

This is a common phone call we receive here at Stay Clean Long Island. Maybe you just completed a large renovation project or you

are moving into a newly constructed home. Either way it is all but guaranteed you now have a TON of construction related dust to deal with. This situation requires expertise and experience to fully remove.

You are dealing with what we refer to as ‘microdust,’ due to the fact it is unlike normal dust build up. This is not something your average cleaning company is equipped to handle. It has taken many years for us here at Stay Clean L.I. to develop a systematic method of cleaning that guarantees maximum removal of construction dust.



Our Cleaning Process

The successfully completion of well over 100 post construction cleanings has allowed us to develop a 3 step cleaning process. During this process EVERY square foot of your home will be attended to by hand. The general steps in the process are as follows:

  1. Vacuum all surfaces with true HEPA filtration rated vacuums
  2. Dry cleaning with specially treated cloths made for picking up and holding onto ultra fine dust
  3. Commence a top to bottom deep cleaning, this time using damp cloths

These steps don’t account for all the detailed tasks we complete, but provide an outline to the the general flow that takes place on every post construction or post renovation cleaning.


Homeowners, home builders/developers, real estate professionals

We perform this service for a variety of clients across Suffolk and Nassau Counties. We take great pride in being the go to cleaning company for a some of the Hamptons (from Westhampton to Montauk) most well known custom home builders. That being said, we are equally happy assisting homeowners directly with getting their newly built or renovated home dust free and move in ready.


“What is my next step?”

If you find yourself looking for a trustworthy, experienced company to assist you with construction dust removal, the first step is to give us a call at 631.744.7788. At that time we discuss the details of exactly what you will need done, then we will schedule an in person walk through of your property to access the level of dust.

Post construction cleanings must only take place once all construction is complete. Our part of process can finished in one day, with an additional follow up ‘fluff clean’ appointment that typically takes place 24 hours after the initial cleaning.

And that’s it! Take comfort in knowing you’ve hired a fully insured professional company that will turn your newly built or renovated house into a shining, sparkling dust free home!

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